Minimum Requirements for Blood Donation Camp

  • ]The premises should not be less than 20 X 30 feet. If the donors expected are more, the area should be accordingly
  • ]Adequate air and ventilation in the camp premises
  • ]The area should have been cleaned with disinfectant
  • ]Minimum of one plug point for the use of Blood Bank equipment
  • ]Drinking water facility
  • ]Arrangement for a minimum 3 – 4 tables and 20 – 25 chairs
  • ]Arrangement to provide minimum of 200ml of drinks to each donor. The donor could be provided with fruit juice, Tender coconut, Badam Milk etc. Light refreshment could also be arranged
  • ]In addition to collection of blood from the donor, there will be work of separating the blood into its components and such other emergency works and hence the commencement and closing of the camp should be adhered to
  • ]The efforts should be made to get donors uniformly through-out the camp period
  • ]During summer there should be facility of Fan
  • ]Attention should be paid to see that the donors do not crowd at the time of donating blood

Blood Donation is a Divine Act.

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