About Blood

Types of Donations

1. Whole Blood Donation

  • ]This is the most common type of donation in the process of which approximately a unit of ‘whole blood’ is given
  • ]The blood is separated into transfusable components i.e. into red cells, plasma, as well as Platelets or cryoprecipitate AHF
  • ]It takes about 8 – 10 minutes for the Blood donation
  • ]Donors are eligible to donate ‘whole blood’ every 90 days

2. Single Donor Platelets

  • ]This process utilizes a Platelet Aphaeresis Machine which extracts only the Platelets and then returns the rest of the cells back to Donors body
  • ]A single donation of Platelets collected by aphaeresis can constitute, 6-8 whole blood donations to constitute a single transfusable unit of Platelets
  • ]The donation takes approximately upto 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • ]Donors are eligible to donate ‘Single Donor Platelets’ every 48 hours

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