Blood Donation

Platelet Donation (Single Donor Platelet)

Platelets are so important

  • ]Platelets are tiny cells in the blood that form clots and stop bleeding
  • ]For millions of people, they are essential to surviving and fighting cancer, chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries
  • ]Platelets must be used within five days, so every day new Donors are needed

Process of Platelet Donation

  • ]Platelet donation uses a machine to extract your Platelets and then returns the rest of your blood back to the Donor
  • ]From Start to End, it takes 45 minutes to 1 hours of time to donate Platelets
  • ]Apheresis Platelets will be able to provide one Platelet donation what would normally be collected from up to 6-8 whole blood donations
  • ]Platelets can be donated up to 24 times a year compared to a maximum of 4 times a month for a whole blood donation

Procedure of Platelet Donation

  • ]A relatively small amount of blood is drawn from the arm and goes into a machine called a Apheresis Machine
  • ]This blood is rapidly spun, which forces the Platelets to separate from the other blood components
  • ]These cells then go into a sterile, single-use plastic bag
  • ]Meanwhile, the rest of the blood is returned to the Donor
  • ]This cycle is repeated several times. A single donation of Platelets often constitutes several transfusable Platelet units

Benefits of Platelets


Platelets give cancer patients the strength they need to keep fighting

While cancer patients undergo treatment, a major side effect is low Platelet count.  Without a Platelet transfusion cancer patients face life-threatening bleeding because Platelets help blood to clot


Platelets also help patients survive major surgeries or serious injuries

After major surgery or serious injury, patients may need Platelets to replace those lost during bleeding. Platelets keep them alive while they recover


Dengue patients where Platelets count reduces require Platelets as a life saving component

Description of Duration of Platelets Donation

  • ]From start to End, it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hours to donate Platelets
  • ]It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the health history questionnaire and for the machine to be personally set-up for the process. From there one can expect to be donating for about 45 minutes to 1 hours followed by enjoying a snack in the refreshment area
  • ]This is because it takes time to separate and collect the Platelets from the other blood components. During the process, Platelets are removed from the blood and rest of the blood is returned to the Donor

Donating Platelets is Safe

  • ]Donating Platelets is a safe process
  • ]Platelet donations are performed by professionally trained staff
  • ]Each donation is collected through a new, sterile needle that is used once and then discarded
  • ]Although most people feel fine after donating Platelets, a small number of people may feel. lightheaded or dizzy, have an upset stomach or experience a bruise or pain where the needle was inserted

Experience while Pricking

  • ]Only for a moment. Pinch the fleshy, soft underside of the arm. That pinch is similar to what one would feel when the needle is inserted to arm
  • ]Some Donors experience chills as fluids are returned to the body. There are blankets available to help keep warm
  • ]In addition, some Donors may feel a slight tingling sensation. This is a mild response to the anticoagulant used when the blood is returned to the body and can be quickly alleviated with calcium. If this sensation occurs, the staff will give a calcium supplement

Interval between Platelet Donation

  • ]Platelets may be donated every Three days, up to 24 times a year

Eligibility Criteria to Donate Platelets

  • ]At the age above 18 years, generally good health who meets weight and height requirements may become eligible to donate Platelets
  • ]Person who are not on aspirin products for at least 3 full calendar days prior to the donation
  • ]The eligibility requirement for Platelets donation is same as a whole blood donation. As long as they meet the minimum requirements for donating whole blood they may be able to donate Platelets

Precautions for Platelet Donation

  • ]Do not take aspirin products for at least 3 full calendar days prior to Donation of Platelets
  • ]Plan to be in the donation chair for about 1½ – 2 hours to ensure a full donation
  • ]Get a good night’s rest prior to the donation

Eligibility to donate Blood after Platelet Donation

  • ]After donating Platelets, Donors are eligible to donate any blood after 3 days but it suits only after the donation of Platelets

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